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Pearl of Szentegyháza Thermal bath "Pearl of Szentegyháza" is situated in the central-southern part of Hargita County, 2km from Szentegyháza Town (Vlăhiţa) and halfway between two municipalities: Székelyudvarhely (Odorheiu-Secuiesc) and Csíkszereda (Miercurea-Ciuc). The resort center is 824 m above sea level.

The relief of the region is mountainous, but there are also hills and large meadows. The climate is characteristic to the hilly regions, with long and cold winters, but the summers are short and with temperate temperatures. This region is one of the most attractive zones for Romanian and foreign tourists.

The thermal bath was set up as a result of a research drill in 1975, when hot spring water was found. The work was accomplished through communal work and it was finished a year later when "Pearl of Szentegyháza" thermal bath and resort center was officially opened.

Pearl of Szentegyháza Thermal bath Although several names are used for the thermal bath (especially by the local people), "Majzosfürdő" and "Szentegyháza Gyöngye" are the most common ones.

The temperature of the water is 25 °C, its content of mineral substance is reduced, while its output is 25 l /sec. Two open-air pools, a small one of 10x5m and a bigger one of 10x25m are at the disposal of the visitors.

To provide accommodation, cottages were built around the pools, as well as a campground was established for tenting.